Derivation and math behind vertical curves.


Calculate elevations at any random point along a vertical curve.  View curve in graph window.  Increase vertical scale with "Y to X" ratio  Set Y to X ratio to 0 to hide graph window.  Use station increment / decrement buttons to conveniently move up or down station.

Derivation and math behind the planar method.



Calculate elevations at quarter points and elevations at any random point along a circular arc projected on a plane. Automatically solves for curve and plane elements.  Good for those cities and agencies that require planar curb return designs. 


CIVIL-SURVEY applications


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All the same features as the original Vertical Curve Calculator with the following added features:

  • Input various combinations of vertical curve components and the calculator will automatically fill in the rest.

  • Input station to get elevation and rate of grade

  • Input elevation to get station and rate of grade

  • Input rate of grade to get station and elevation

  • Use 2nd button to toggle between possible double solutions for a given elevation